A bunch that can do everything

When someone is a slacker, it's quite a big problem to force him to do some more physical activity. The same was with Petra. She had been moving quite a bit, in the sense that she had always been kissing and running around. But the classic exercises, cycling, or some intense exercises, that is not so. Besides physical education at school. Since then, she has recognized a bunch of beer enthusiasts, but also for cycling, only in the Silvini, she got into an unreal form and even had a perfectly sculped figure.
We need to help
Andrea was pretty scared. At the last minute she ripped her favorite leotard from the Silvin and didn't keep her tears. Her friend Lenka had several tricots, but even in a dream Andrea would not have imagined her to ask for a loan of sportswear. All that she had was for every saint. But Lenka automatically sucked into her stock of tricot and handed Andree the one who had just thrown her to her sports pants. She was a real friend.