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They all listen to music, watch news, and so on. Nacherádio Impuls offers this comfort to everyone, whether at home or on the road or in the office. On our website you will also get the possibility of online connection, you will find online games, news, karaoke lyrics, music videos and much more.
We prefer more Czech music, therefore on our radio sounds more Czech songs. We have fun and popular competitions for you. We also offer traffic information. Our Radio Impuls is here for you and it guides you through your entire day. And have you joined us online? On the website you will find a lot more fun.
The right Radio
With the choice of our radio you will surely be satisfied. Check out our offer on the website where you will find online games, karaoke lyrics, contests and videos and a lot of good fun. Sure you will. The Pulse radio is the right choice for you.